Harlinde De Mol

Installation (detail) Image Copyright © Harlinde De Mol

Harlinde De Mol shows the human body as an object. As a piece of material in contradiction to all intangible things that we carry with us and define us as a human being. Her work is autobiographical, she questions herself trough her work, about what we are and where we are going to. Therefore Harlinde De Mol uses the language of science and religion, who both have an other point of view about life and death. She uses, makes and collect objects who can be both a relic as a small scientific object, discoverd under a microscope. Sometimes she connects them to her drawings in the way that is used in -for example- biological images, as a question for clearity and structure. The further the image evolves trough time, the more abstract it becomes, a microcosmos in which she tries to understand the macrocosmos.

Image Copyright © Harlinde De Mol

For this exhibition Harlinde De Mol has built an installation with her drawings. In the multitude of the set-up, the possession with which she works is shown. One drawing hangs over the other as an endless attempt to get an answer to that one, existential question.

Harlinde De Mol (1984) has always been drawing, and simply never stopped. After the youth academy, she went to the high school of Sint Lucas and afterwords she studied painting art at LUCA school of arts in Ghent. All of this actually felt like she never had to make a choice, as if every step was logical. Drawing is therefore a necessity, something that helps to deal with the world, to be able to live. She passes on the love for the drawing and painting in teaching.